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TheHealth Protocol Today offers you access to identification of health issues.






THEHealth Protocol Today Offers You Access To Identification Of Health Issues.

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About us

Individually Tailored Program

Our Vision

 at Health Protocol Today is to promote natural health solutions for the body and mind for more people. We are committed to offering alternative medicine practices that help our clients address physical pain, and organ dysfunction, and restore balance to their body and mind.

Our goal is to guide our clients on a path towards homeostasis where their energy is flowing freely, and their body is functioning optimally. We aim to help individuals who are struggling with chronic pain, stress, and other health issues through our holistic approach to healing.


We are pleased to announce the merger of and, bringing together two skilled professionals to offer clients the most effective way to restore their health, strength, and vitality.

Our Mission

at Health Protocol Today takes your well-being to centre stage. Our dedicated team, led by Elazar Levy, the developer of 2Zone Therapy, and Izabela Levy, proprietor of, are committed to guiding you towards optimal health and vitality.

Our Approach:  will help you discover your unique path to wellness with our personalized protocols. We will identify and address your specific health concerns, supporting you every step of the way. From detoxification and parasite cleansing to tailored supplementation, treatments including facials, holistic body treatments, to nutrition and exercise, we are here to help you achieve your health goals.

Your journey starts here: Each client receives a customised health protocol to meet their individual needs. Join us on the path to a healthier, more vibrant you. 

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At Health Protocol Today, we understand the importance of prioritizing our health as we age. However, neglecting our health for years can lead to various health issues that require more than just medication to alleviate symptoms. Our personalized protocol service offers a comprehensive approach to address your health concerns and achieve better health. Instead of visiting multiple specialists, our experienced team of experts will guide you every step of the way towards a healthier and happier you.

We offer a limited number of openings each month to ensure that each of our clients receives the personalized attention they deserve. If you are ready to take control of your health, fill out the form below to see if our protocol service is right for you.

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Our Testimonials

D Seger, Ph.D

This is Dalia Zger of the Weizmann Institute. Remember, I came to you for treatment with problems in my shoulder and right arm after being treated with injections, shock waves, and suffering from pain and restriction of movement in my right hand. The treatment you gave helped more than anything else and I wanted to thank you for that. Indeed, the method you have developed with my hand is straight.

Mike W.

My shoulder was painful and movement so restricted that I couldn’t raise my arm above my head. I’d had numerous physio sessions, acupuncture, cortisone injections and treatment from a leading Harley Street specialist. I had more mobility after only one session with Elazar and now after regular sessions, it’s like new. The pain he inflicts is worth it. 2002 – 2015

Hans Kuitwagen

I have been exercising vigorously and feel much better..I am grateful for your strong massage just what I needed…Regards Hans Kuitwagen. 2007

Tatyana Koptelove

I have been suffering from pains all over the body for almost 10 years. Every moment that I travel works and sleeps – it hurts to breathe. I went through every treatment – acupuncture / japanese, physiotherapy, electric, massages every day, ointments made for me in Africa and whatnot, And most of all I was told by a professional and knowledgeable – that’s what you get used to. You have nothing.

Lotan Lavi

When he promises he keeps it! 2Zone Therapy. Elazar took great care of my back pain in ONE SESSION, Great for everyone. Soldiers as well.

Anita Rubin

“I wish that I had found you earlier!!!”

Also, the follow-up treatments that are carried out by Izabela are the best. In my 91 years, I have never had a gentler and yet more professional treatment.

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Ezer Weizman St 10, Hod HaSharon Israel

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