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Terms and Conditions

The product/service delivery policy.


Purchase of products falls into 3 categories. These are outlined below, with each one’s terms on delivery, returns if applicable.
In all cases, a return of supplements must be unopened, in original packaging, with no damages. Should the product be opened, or damaged, there is no refund.
Kosher – Certain products do not pass kosher certifications, while others do. Please read the full description and order only products that meet your expectations.
If ordered online Domestic Self Pickup- to be collected from the clinic in Hod Hasharon, No delivery fee. Returns must be in person, to meet Return Conditions.
If ordered online Domestic – to be delivered to clients directly in Israel – Postal service can be used, and or your personal delivery company. If postal service the cost of postage will be estimated based on the weight of items ordered.
If ordered online International – Deliveries can be arranged by post or DHL. Clients pay delivery fees.


Our business has been established to help people to live with less pain or no pain. In pursue of this we have found that many have issues from the inside out. Therefore the introduction of supplements is crucial for your recovery.

The products that we are supplying have been selected by reviewing the contents, quality and effectiveness of your bodies. And yet we will not take the responsibility of their effectiveness for you and your condition. The effectiveness comes down to listening to advice and to take for as long as required, and beyond for the benefits and ongoing effectiveness.
In saying this we don’t take responsibility for your recovery, and our findings. We are not held responsible for the outcome of the advice. The end goal is to prolong your life with as little as possible pain and discomfort, but should you not reach this goal, none of our subsidiaries, or therapists are responsible for the outcome. And you acknowledge this and wave our responsibilities upon your first purchase of services rendered. If you don’t agree to these terms, please cancel your order, and leave our domain and good luck.


Delivery of supplements: we do our utmost to send the supplies within 21 working days from order date to the delivery agents. From this point we deem the delivery complete, and wait for your confirmation that you have received the supplies.

If you do not receive the supplies, you can track these with shipment codes provided. Insurance on the package sent by post is covered in the cost of shipment. Insurance of $150.00 maximum is applied to each package, or the value of goods purchased.


Prior to shipment the responsibility of your order remains with us, until the 3rd parties get involved. Once collected the responsibilities of delivery are passed to agents collecting the items ordered. At any point you can reach out to us to see the status of your order. Please email us directly to using your invoice number, your contact phone number, your full name and your query and we will come back to you.
We will do our best to reply to you within 24 hours. But should your issue fall on a weekend we will reply to you on Monday.


Age restrictions

Whilst our products are suitable for all ages, we request clients to be of minimum age of 18 years old or older and have the permission to place orders online with persons present at time of ordering.


Conditions for cancelling a transaction

If you have purchased a product online, and change your mind you have a maximum of 14 days to cancel the order with no penalties, unless the goods have been shipped out. Should it be the case that your shipment has been shipped out and you still wish to cancel the order, you will forfeit the shipping charges. The balance will be returned to your credit card. We will not hold your credit card information. You will need to access the refund section, add data required, and monies will be reverted to the credit card you used to purchase. If the information is not correct, and the credit card company enforces a charge, this charge will be passed back to yourself.


If the product is purchased online, but collected in person. You can get a full refund from products, if unopened and within 14 days of purchase date. The refund will be in BIT or paybox, so there will be a tracking of the monies sent.


Privacy policy – none of your data is passed to 3rd parties with exception of delivery agents and or if you have opted for our monthly newsletters.
We also reserve the right to disclose any said information for other specialists that you may want us too, such as doctors, other alternative specialists.
Your data will be used in our marketing efforts, of course you can opt out at any time, by using forms available. If you don’t have access to these forms, please send us an email to so the form can be sent to you.

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